KWB Multifire installation examples

Due to our flexible KWB conveyor systems for wood chips and pellets you can choose the optimum solution for your heating room. Depending on the distance to your fuel storage room, your preferred fuel or the shape of your storage room, KWB offers the system that suits your requirements.


Low-power consumption thanks to minimal mechanical resistance. Maintenance-free, heavy duty gear unit – robust, reliable and long service life. Ideally suited for square, rectangular and round storage rooms.

Stirrer and elbow worm with downward transfer

Robust screw trough, designed for long service life. No buoying upwards of the worm in the trough due to optimized trough shape. Ideally suited for level differences between the storage room and the boiler room.

Stirrer and elbow worm with upward transfer

Maximum storage room utilization. Ideally suited for boiler room and storage that are on the same level - for wood chips up to 100 kW.

Conveyor systems for wood pellets only

Pellet Stirrer Plus with elbow worm or suction conveyor

Minimum planning effort and easy installation for the installer/heating engineer. Maximum storage room utilization as a sloping floor is not required. The suction conveyor is ideally suited for storage rooms that are further away from the boiler room as well as for storage rooms adjacent to, above, or below the boiler room.

KWB Pellet Big Bag with suction conveyor or elbow conveyor

Maximum storage room utilization. Weather-protected outdoor set-up is possible. Can also be set-up directly in the boiler room depending on local conditions. Quiet conveyor system.